Via AoM: Quit Seeking the Approval of Women

We live, or will soon live, in the feminocracy. Some of us were raised in homes without fathers. Many of our bosses and teachers are women. Most importantly, many of us are in a romantic relationship. Women form half or more of our social interaction. And in many cases, we think we need their approval. We have fallen into the slough of passivity, seeking constant approval from women.

What is approval? Ask Wayne Levine, a manchiatrist.

First, let’s define approval as it relates to our relationships with women. Approval is her permission for you to take an action. Approval is her acknowledgment that she won’t take you to task for your choice…maybe. Approval is giving away your power to do as you see fit. In other words, needing the approval of women makes you a pleaser.

Read the rest of the post to find out how:

[C]uring yourself of this tendency to please will actually allow you to be happier in your own skin, be more respectful, be more respected, be a better partner, more compassionate, more present, a better example to your kids, and be more of the man she actually wants you to be.

Or, for the unmarried among us, how to regain the social freedom men have lost without losing the respect of those around us.

[P.S. Dudes, I invented two different words in this post: “feminocracy” and “manchiatrist.” I like ’em! Think they’ll catch on?]


3 thoughts on “Via AoM: Quit Seeking the Approval of Women

  1. “Feminocracy” is excellent but how do you pronounce “manchiatrist”?

    As your closest Feminocrat, I have to ponder what you’re saying here.

  2. Ok, I like the manchiatrist term.

    I read the AoM post and was a little put off by his idea that a guy would need a support network to be manly since that is patently unmanly.

    But his idea that men need to stand up, and make decisions and take the lead has merit. But a lot of discretion would be required else you might cross over into boarishness.

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