Man Stuff: Ken Block’s Hoontastic Life

Ken Block - Hoonage Incarnate

Hoonage (n): “Aggressively flogging a car, but in a manner that stops just short of reckless.” –Urban Dictionary

That’s probably a new word for most of you. I don’t really like that definition. I prefer a shorter one.

Hoonage (n): The language Ken Block speaks.

Ken Block could be just another rich, middle-aged American. He cofounded a company in the latter years of the last millennium, and sold it in ’04 for 87 mil. Right now, he could be taking daily baths in vats of dollar bills, or soaking it up in the Bahamas with a nymph half his age.

Instead, he’s probably driving a car at ridiculous speeds through the wilderness. Block isn’t a stereotypical 42-year-old white male. Instead, he’s the co-founder of DC Shoes, a top-ranking rally driver, and the less reckless (and, in my opinion, cooler) automotive version of Evel Knievel.

He’s a man of action, not words. Loud, fast, gasoline-drenched action. So: words, which can capture most concepts, are not as useful here as I would like. What then? I’ll let Block “speak” for himself. I think he’s found a good language to express himself in. I told you about that language earlier. Ken Block is fluent in hoonage. Watch the video and pick some of that language up. But remember, don’t try this at home. Unless you have a $400k rally car lying around, as I do.


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