Pedanticism Is Never Proper

Once upon a time, in grade school, I was good at spelling. A bad spelling test, for me, was 100%: I had failed to own the extra credit section. Also, back then, I really cared about correct grammar and usage. My especial cross to bear was the infernal misused apostrophe. In case you are ignorant, I will explain.

I have a desk; it’s legs are wooden.

I have a desk; its legs are wooden.

The first example is as wrong as Napoleon was when he declared: “Gosh, conquering Russia will be a piece of cake!”

But nowadays, my spelling and usage aren’t as proper and the proverbial pedantic bee has left my proverbial pulchritudinous bonnet. So what Stephen Fry has to say here is pure gold. But over and above that, it’s Stephen Fry, the Oscar Wilde (in so many ways) of the televised arts. Enjoy!


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