A Task

High Church Sacramental Calvinism is a tiny microcosm of modern Evangelical Christianity. But in that microcosm, the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is being reasserted. Where the Supper is reasserted as not merely a remembrance, but, well, a sacrament, much work is done to defeat the ghosts of Zwingli that inhabit Calvinist worship. If your church celebrates Communion a couple times a year, you’re indebted to the aforementioned dead Swiss theologian.

The great, duple task facing the Church in the 21th century:

“We must commune, and we must commune together: let us have no more division between Papist and Presbyterian, since at the table we assert our unity in remembrance, in partaking of the glorified bread and wine that are the body and blood of our savior (never mind how).”


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