Love God and Pass the Muffins

Peter Leithart and Alexander Schmemann make an odd couple. Leithart is Presbyterian Church in America, Schmemann is dead. And when he still took breath on this Earth he was Russian Orthodox.

However, the two of them agree on this thesis, presented in an excellent recent Credenda/Agenda article:

All of creation is destined to be what the Eucharist now is, all destined to be the medium of our communion in Christ with the Father through the Spirit.

Many Christians agree with Daryl Hart when he says, “some endeavors are holy, such as the ministry of word and sacrament; some are common, such as baking and banking; and some are profane, such as prostitution and racketeering.”

But Schmemann says this is destructive. He argues that separating “religious life” from “life” as a whole gives us a discolored picture of both.

One of the most dangerous untruths in modern Christianity is that the Spiritual is holy and the Material is sinful or at least flawed. This view takes the importance out of the Sacraments, and out of Christian life itself. If you think that eating is merely a necessity, that it is in some way flawed…well, you’re damn wrong. If you hold that view, you lose half of the power of the Bread: it is primarily a physical act. You can’t take away its physicality. If you

It comes down to people believing that we won’t eat in heaven. But we will. We won’t become ghosts, we’re going to be material beings! Like we are now! Eating isn’t a flawed necessity, it’s a blessed act of living in a sacramental world!

Love God and do what you please, Luther said. What you please will please God. And everything that you do that pleases God is communion with Him, whether eating, drinking, praising, running, or Communion itself.

Go forth and combat dualism! Eat, drink, and praise God!

Postscript: Read the article with this software. Then put it in your bookmarks bar, because it really gives the eyes an easier time.

Post Postscript: This blog has been hibernating because most of its authors are full time students. There will probably be more posts this week, though.


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