And the Award for Best Gif Goes to…

It’s Oscar season. The glitterati anxiously await the ceremony tonight, where their dreams will be realized or crushed. Word on the street is that this year’s ceremony will be a snooze. You heard it here first. But that doesn’t mean we, the blogeratti, have to snooze through it. See, I don’t believe the Hollywood establishment should tell us which of its movies we’re supposed to enjoy the most. These “gifs” recap the best moments from some of this year’s Best Picture nominees. The King’s Speech will probably win best picture, but the Social Network might as well. If I had my druthers, it would be True Grit, which also wins Best Gif, or maybe How to Train Your Dragon. But the Academy doesn’t ask me. Anyway, enjoy the Oscar brouhaha and the avenging last hurrah of winter, at least out here in the redneck inland northwest.


True Grit
The Social Network
The King's Speech - favored for Best Picture, but I don't think it wins Best Gif
Toy Story 3 - I could be wrong, but is this PIxar's first Best Picture-nominated film? If so, it's a pity. TS3 was good, but it wasn't The Incredibles, Toy Story 1, or even Wall-E.
The Fighter
127 Hours, aka "the one where James Franco cuts his arm off on webcam"




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