Masculinity I: The Glad Assumption of Sacrificial Responsibility

To become a vital and useful blog, Man Against World needs to define itself.

Simply, this blog is an exploration of Christian manliness in all things. In other words, when I post a video of racing cars, it’s because Christian men enjoy them; when I post about homosexuality, it’s because that is a massive issue that Christian men have to deal with.

But I have yet to establish what it means to be a Christian man. This blog exists because I and the other writers see many ways in which we ourselves and Christian men in general are confused about identity. The identity of a man who is living for Christ must be firmly cemented in his soul. To solidify “Christian man in the 21st century” as an identity, we need to define masculinity in a way that glorifies Christ and flows from His Word, and that is powerful and relevant to today’s saints.

This is going to take some time, and perhaps quite a few posts. I have some things lined up, and to begin with, this video of Pastor Doug Wilson, where he briefly defines manliness as the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility. I’ll be putting much more thought into this and by Christmas this blog will have a cogent, useful definition of Christian manhood upon which we can re-found this blog.

Masculinity Is the Glad Assumption of Responsibility from Desiring God on Vimeo.


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