If I was an irresponsible bachelor (true, but wait for it) with cash on hand (there, you see?), I would buy a Subaru BRZ. For $25,000, you get a real enthusiast’s car: a powerful, rev-happy flat four with a six-speed manual or automatic that squeezes past the 30-mpg mark, looks hot, and hits 60 in fewer than seven seconds. The stats look amazing. If the car is really at this price point, these will sell like hotcakes. Cars like this become classics. If they handle. And this one does. With RWD and a low center of gravity, the BRZ was designed to be a canyon carver. Awesome. I, frankly, can’t wait till these hit the used market. By the way, this is related to the Toyota FT-86 that I highlighted some months ago. Here’s a video of the BRZ, but the music is frankly horrible. I recommend you mute the audio and play this song. There, problem solved.

By the way, I’m a Subaru owner now. That probably never got on the blog back on June when I bought the thing. I love it.


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