Wisdom on the Internet I

What should men do on the Internet?

Everyone knows what they actually do, and that we can’t do it. We should forget about porn. It should be boring. Why would brutalized, painted body parts lure us away from the body?

But I digress. What should we as Christian men do on the internet?

We must seek wisdom. If we don’t seek wisdom, we will drown in the sea of foolishness that laps at the shores of connectivity. Culture is religion externalized, and the internet is humanity digitized, magnified, and distorted as if viewed through a pair of heavy glasses. [The internet should be more connected to real human lives: Facebook is the start of a good thing.]

Our lives, our full lives, must be able to transfer to a new medium without losing their focus–that is the only way Christ’s holiness will inform our actions on the internet and it will become more than a tool that leads to sin for me and for many other men. In other words, Christians should seek wisdom on the internet and post wisdom on the internet, the kind of virulent wisdom that drives away foolishness. Maybe, perhaps, if we confront porn addicts on their home turf, if we hack porn sites and insert gospel popups, then we will be stepping in the right direction. I’m not advocating that, but a defensive posture in Internet holiness will only get us so far. The web is not a thing in itself, it is only us, in all our tawdry vainglory.

Let us redeem it. We are men, we are weak, our God is great, He will build us up for this task.

We can start by reading good blogs by good men.

Here are some blogs I frequent. I won’t give you a blurb about each, because I think you should explore them for yourself.

1. The Cedar Room.

2. Blog and Mablog.

3. Rod Dreher.

4. Peter Leithart.

5. Toby Sumpter.

6. Justin Taylor.


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