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Shoegate: A Story in Headlines

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Yes, It Matters That Melania Trump Wore 5-Inch Stilettos on Trip to View Harvey Devastation (

Hurricane Harvey Picks New Target: First Lady’s Heels Lost in Freak Cyclone (Newsweek)


Here’s Why Whoever Authorized the Melania Hit Did the World a Favor (The Root)

What Do Antifa and the KKK Have in Common? They’re Both Taking Credit for Melania Attack (HuffPo)

FURIOUS DONALD: Livid Prez Visits Melania’s Hospital Bed, Vows Revenge (Daily Mail)

Here’s Why the Nuclear Strike on UC Berkeley Was the Right Thing to Do (Breitbart)

The Trump Surgical Nuclear Strikes on Blue Cities: Taking It Too Far? (Daily Stormer)

While You Wait for Radiation Poisoning to Slowly Kill You, Check Out These Amazon Warehouse Deals  (Gizmodo)

Census Bureau: US Population Measured at 210 Million, down 110 Million Since Last Week, Atmospheric Factors Cited (Fox News)

NYT to Close Doors, Staff in Jet Boats Headed for the Hamptons (New York Times)

President Trump: His Softer Side. World Leader Reveals What Gets Him Up in the Morning (Daily Mail)

Trump on Population Change: “Genocide is very, very underrated” (Slate)

Trump Elected King, Crowned by Chief Justice Roberts in Opulent Ceremony (CNN)

Is His Majesty’s New Title a Win for the Globalists? (Breitbart)

Royal Family Visits Radiation Victims: Princess Ivanka and Baron Barron Visit Suburban Boston Trauma Hospital in Full Hazard Suits (BBC)

Royal Babies, Baby! Melania Clone Gives Birth to Healthy Quintuplets by C-Section (CNN)

Stiletto Sales Rising in Rare Bright Spot for Retail (Business Insider)








Trump Wants to Yell, Whether You Listen or Not

These words from Chris Hayes, quoted by Rod Dreher, sum up Trump’s reluctance to do the work of governing that many presidents have sought the highest office specifically to do:

I don’t think the president wants to be in charge. I think he wants to sit on his couch and yell at his TV screen and tweet things, but he’s almost happy to be able to kind of get it out of his system and not have anyone listen to him. I think his optimal equilibrium is hectoring Jeff Sessions but Jeff Sessions not quitting, or tweeting out the thing about transgender service members and the military ignoring him, or tweeting out threats to North Korea and not actually changing American posture.

I think that that we have arrived at a new equilibrium in which both the interior members of his staff, the actual federal bureaucracy, the US Congress, the US public, the global public, and global leaders all basically understand the president is fundamentally a bullshit artist and you just shouldn’t listen to what he says.

This is, after all, a president who until Melania and Barron moved down from New York City this summer, spent most nights alone in the private rooms of the White House watching cable news in his bathrobe.

The problem with Trump’s bloviating inaction is that, as president, his words, not just his actions have consequences. When Trump publicly complained about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, many inside and outside the White House expected Sessions to resign. But Sessions has come to realize that he doesn’t have to take the president seriously. He can get on with his job, as he understands it. That means cabinet members and civil service apparatchiks aren’t following orders from above–they’re charting their own course, between the jutting rocks of Trump’s ever-changing dicta and the shoals of public opinion. What a time to be alive!

Watch the Footage from Charlottesville

Do something useful today. Watch this 20-minute Vice documentary that shows the abhorrent and appalling racism of the Charlottesville white nationalists. If you believe Christopher Cantwell, the outspoken white nationalist featured in the video, what happened in Charlottesville was the largest neo-Nazi protest in 20 years. Charmingly, it featured the sort of vehicle-pedestrian violence that the Islamic state favors, only a few days before the latest IS vehicle attack in Barcelona.

The enemy is people who hold human life worthless. They are chanting Nazi slogans, they are driving cars into pedestrians, they are campaigning for an ethno-state, and they don’t want to be peaceful about it.

Seriously, watch the video. There is a hate-filled contingent of white people in our country. And they vote. And sometimes they drive their cars into a peaceful crowd.

The Social Justice Warriors and the Alt-Right Are More Alike than Not

In Germany, in the 1920s and early 1930s, communists and Nazis were fierce antagonists; they protested against each other and sometimes brawled in the streets. Only a month after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, Nazis blamed an arson attack on the Reichstag on communist conspirators and so cemented their hold on power.

The Nazis and the German communists had many similarities–the Nazis were nationalist socialists while the Communists were international socialists.

Fast forward to today. I think Brendan O’Neill makes a fair point below. To be clear, I do not think it is unavoidable or defensible that white supremacy would be a reaction to the excesses of racial identity politics, but I think there is a connection.